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 Our Mission:

We are diverse men [straight, gay, bi, queer, questioning, and beyond labels] of many colors and ages, who are learning to share the language of touch with one another, respectful of each man’s wishes and boundaries.
In this culture, as we each made the journey from boy to man, we discovered that our natural, innocent boyhood affection for other males became socially unacceptable.
We were shamed or punished for nearly any kind of demonstrable affection with other males. “Don’t be a sissy” or “That’s so gay” or worse.
So most of us suppressed/denied our natural affection, confusing it with our awakening sexuality, and not wanting to be, or look, “queer.” This is very sad: by closing our hearts to half the human race, we lose an essential part of ourselves.
Men In Touch is dedicated to promoting men’s healing/wholeness in body/heart/soul by supporting men in openly caring for ourselves and one another.
All men can benefit from the love and support of other men.
Homophobia, fear of intimacy with other men, wounds men of every sexual orientation. Touch is the language of the heart . . . the way we most directly feel connection and caring.
We are men exploring what it means to share real intimacy with other men. Loving, nurturing contact is not the same as sex. We all have a choice about how intimate we wish to be.
2boysWe welcome men of all sexual preferences who wish to move beyond the fears that deprive us of our brothers’ love. 
“Touch is the language of the heart.”

w_mitlet was founded in 1987 by

Sequoia Thom, MA and Doug Fraser. Since Doug’s passing of AIDS in 1995, Sequoia has been joined by several gifted co-facilitators. Read more about Who We Are.


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