Event Photos

Our regular events are NOT photographed! 
These photos were taken at special events. The participants agreed to be photographed, and later approved their pictures being posted.

We offer a variety of events for men to connect through nurturing touch.

Events are geared to suit men’s varying interests and orientations. Each man’s boundaries are fully respected at all times.

  • Some events are fully clothed, learning simple touch that creates a sense of relaxation, safety and trust, including breathing together, simple eye contact, and “gourmet hugs”.
  • Some are partially clothed: learning and sharing oil massage in shorts,
  • Some are clothing-optional:  allowing men to discover the pleasures of full-body sensual touch in a safe setting that honours our “erotic” energy without being overtly “sexual”.

In addition to the photos below, we have a Photo Album on our Facebook Page.

  • Please submit photos that relate to our Mission for possible inclusion to:
    • MenInTouch  @ outlook.com [omit spaces]
Getting Acquainted through simple talk, breathing together, and sharing gentle touch:

[click on any photo for full-sized slide show]

Everyone needs neck and shoulder kneading!

Exploring faces:

Holding heart chakras, sharing breaths:

“Gourmet Hugs”:

Exploring the sensuality  of hand and foot massage.

Learning simple oil massage… in shorts, draped:
Tenderly, respectfully undressing one another:

[Note: some events or portions are nude or clothing-optional]

Optional nude full-body massage:



11 thoughts on “Event Photos

  1. Hi alas I have moved to London Ontario to near family but so pleased you are doing such a great job ….Michael Mandich

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