We invite men who participated in Men In Touch events to comment below on your experiences.

  1. Mention the event name and date.
  2. Rate your experience from A to D, where
    • A=awesome;
    • B=Better than average;
    • C=Could be improved;
    • D=Didn’t like it at all]

3. Consider addressing these questions:

  • What about this event did you . . .
    • enjoy most? Why?
    • like least? Why?
    • find most informative or growthful?
  • What was the main thing you’ve learned?

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Thank you for letting others know about what you experienced at Men In Touch!

7 thoughts on “Reviews

  1. I attended Men in Touch “Better than Sex” weekend from October 10 to 12 here in Vancouver.
    My experience of this weekend was a definite “A” – Awesome. I really had a chance to meet some wonderful new people who share something I have been wanting to experience for a very long time. The weekend taught me many things such as how touch between two men can be so nourishing and fulfilling and that being nude together can be highly erotic by being able to touch and explore each other without engaging in full sexual activity. It was a very disciplined weekend, that also included some meditation, yoga and massage.
    I want to spend more time with men nude and engage and explore more of the senses or erotic touch between us. I want to use the experiences from the weekend to help guide me into a new level of my sexual well being. I am so glad I decided to attend this event as it has taught me a lot and I feel energized and very content with myself.

    Thank you

  2. April, 2015
    I recently had the great pleasure of attending Exploring Sacred Intimacy, a workshop designed to explore self, erotic energy and the chakras. I found the work invigorating and truly insightful. It made way for an honest exchange of thoughts and caring interactions. Further, the workshop generated a senses of safety and belonging, a perfect environment for men to explore emotional and physical intimacy. I discovered how powerful male erotic energy can be. I also gained a better sense of what was truly important to me, my life and my relationships. Very powerful, very liberating, very healing. A tremendous experience !
    Thank you again Sequioa and Zigi for creating such a nurturing, well executed and deeply fulfilling program.

  3. I had the pleasure of meeting both Ziji and Sequoia a few short months prior, in May 2015, at a different event at which they conducted a brief introduction to their practices and teaching methods and material. It immediately struck a chord deep within me, playing to something I had been deeply desiring to explore, but I had not encountered the right vehicle by which to start that exploration. This was just that thing, the right vehicle to facilitate exploration of myself in ways that I really needed to expand but that also had represented some fairly significant emotional/mental/spiritial/sexual blockages in my ability to continue to ascend, to grow.

    Exploring spirit combined with male sensuality, sexuality and deep connection is [or at least CAN BE] tricky, and Sequoia and Ziji created a safe container in which those components are easier to examine with critical analysis to get past the blockages and thereby enable true and dynamic growth in those same areas…[I]f you are truly interested in getting to know yourself better and more fearlessly, I invite you to consider checking Ziji and Sequoia and their programs out.

    What do you have to lose, except old, no longer relevant or helpful patterns and being “stuck”? True, exploring such things can feel emotionally risky and vulnerable, but if you are able to do so in a safe environment with other men who are also interested in that journey, aren’t those elements you can do without, and would benefit from shedding, anyway? Truly LIVING requires movement, so at least give it a whirl — MOVE, AND LIVE!

    Love and Light,

  4. I came to the Bowen Island Retreat (Aug 2015) to heal the fears, blocks and limitations I had been experiencing in the area of sex and intimacy.

    Through the guided meditations, group and pair activities we did over the weekend, I came to discover the source of my limitations around intimacy, and as a result experienced a profound release of energy and emotion. This clearing of old “stuff” allowed me to connect purely and intimately with myself, and to connect in deeper ways with other men than I had previously known possible. It was like a veil had been lifted and the “true me” started to peek through. Unexpectedly, I rediscovered a lightness, playfulness and joy that had lain dormant for decades!

    All of this could only have occurred inside of the safe space and expert facilitation of Sequoia and Ziji. It was clear that they have both done their “own work”, which allowed me, and the other participants, to sense their credibility and very quickly develop trust. This led the men in the group to open up with one another and communicate in very honest and intimate ways.

    Thank you, Sequoia and Ziji, for sharing with us your vast knowledge of tantra, your masterful teaching, and your amazing healing gifts. As a result of this weekend retreat, I look forward to experiencing deeper levels of connection, intimacy and love with my partner-in-life.

    ~ David Raphael, Vancouver, BC

  5. Dear Sequoia and Ziji
    Thank you both for your great work in making the past weekend (Summer Retreat on Bowen Island) a very wonderful experience. Having been to other similar events in the past I was very attuned to your efforts to ensure the ‘container’ was in fact a very safe place — and it was. I enjoyed the explorations and the time with the other men and particularly I valued the work we did on intimacy and its various aspects and manifestations. Great work!
    Since returning home, I’ve had several people – including my partner – say to me: “Wow you look good.” Clearly it was a relaxing and transformative experience for me.

    Thanks again for the dedication you bring to your work and the sharing you do.

    1. Smiles of Summer Days.
      Joy and fairy dust.
      Wondrous gurus and guys created a weekend of delicious sensuous touching of skin, muscle, bone, souls, hearts.
      A single look into another’s eyes is worth ten thousand words.
      All my chakras start to smile whenever I think of the men in this special group.
      Thank you Sequoia, Ziji, and my fellows, all.

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