Earlier Reviews

  • “You have created an amazing space for this intimacy and touching … You have struck a balance between structure and free association which made me feel comfort, nurturance, confidence, and freedom…”
  • “[I learned] that it can be wonderfully sensuous to give massage and pleasure to another person, outside of a sexual encounter. The power of touch… I intend to try to be more nurturing…”
  • “I don’t take enough time for myself in my day to day life …The circle talks were the most informative for me because it gave me insight to how others felt and what some of them were going through. It also showed me that my fears are their fears and that I am not alone in how I feel about some things…[I learned] Caring, Compassion, Love, Respect, Honesty, Integrity are some of the words that come to mind… To be more considerate of others. Not to take life so seriously and to not be ashamed of my body…”
  • “Overall I was very impressed especially with your presentation and amazed how 15 men who for the most part don’t know each other could in a very short space of time come together and become one.”
  • “Everything was informative and growthful – the massage techniques, the breathing exercises, the movement and chanting, the rituals, the poetry, the wonderful, steady stream of sharings that poured out of you about different teachers, spiritual disciplines and experiences you’ve had. All the things that you had set out in the lobby for us to read and look at – all of it made up a copiously nutritious and delicious banquet of Soul Food.”
  • “…I found it much easier to allow myself to be nurtured by other men than I thought it would be. It felt so natural and easy for me to allow the loving energy to enter and flow through me…”
  • “What you do, which is so incredible, is that you provide a space that frees us to be our Bigger Selves. It reminds me of an old quote I read once that went something like, ‘Here’s a canvas, palette of colors, and a brush – now paint paradise and in you go.’ You provided what was needed to free us to paint our own little paradise and jump into it together.”
  • “…thank you for the vision, skills, energy and dedication in providing such a fulfilling, nurturing and inspiring workshop over the weekend. It was a sublime experience, unequalled in its sensuality, and really opened many doors to me.”
  • “A wonderful experience—validating, nurturing and healing…It was a true gift.”
  • “The effects of the workshop, I feel, are life-changing. Something deep within me has shifted and I can more easily say ‘I deserve to feel this good and to love myself’ … I’ve been taking a lot of time for myself and reconnecting to my and it feels great. I feel proud of myself for having moved through what felt like so much fear and it turned out to be a delight…You are really doing great work!”

After A Taste of Tantra, Vancouver, Easter, 2002

  • “At first I was leary about the sacred space concept. I felt a bit cynical and thought the concept was being a bit blown out of proportion. I realize that that is a defense of mine that arose due to my uncertainty about the unknow journey I was stepping into. The Sacred space was the most delicious container for my experiences. The energy, respect and trust that existed in the room grew as we/me/group did what we did and ‘be’ed” as we were. I believe that the Sacred room was fundamental to the value that I received last weekend. In conjuction with this was how I saw you act, I cannot define it for you, but what I felt was a sense of spirit in you that embraced me and my diversity; I felt unique and special in the same manner that I believe you see everyone to be unique and special. In a way I do not understand. Although I did not have have any one-on-one time with you, I felt that the whole weekend was one-on-one time. The chanting, meditation and massage stood out for me. The chanting because it was a new experience. I enjoy music, I enjoy using my voice and chanting was “easy” to do. The repetitiveness allowed me to pay less attention to “doing it right” and helped me focus on what I felt like, with myself and with others.There were other men’s voices which provided mine support and mine to support theirs. I got to the point where I felt filled, internally with my sound and bathed externally with others. I felt bathed in vibration. I have tried mediation before with vary degrees of success; never by myself. Last weekend was the first time that I was able to let go of my internal clock and focus on being. You were there to pace and there was no other thing that I need to do, prepare for, think about or keep track of. The massage….Whew!!…very powerful for me, as a giver and a receiver. I experienced, kind, compassionate and loving men….gay men…nurturing men….men……I did not realize that I was so body starved for men. I had tried to fill that need with sex, bursting the balloon, which provided some sense of body nurturing….I now know different. The cry I had felt old, this life or not I do not know and there was a strong element of a long existing aching starvation in my soul that had been untouched in years and long abandoned. I did not know, or was able to label it as such. In other work that I have done I realize that I had marbled anger throughout my body and did not have any idea where it come from. I believe now that it is male abandonment that I have felt in my lifetime and has remained scarred. Some healing occured for me and I feel some empowerment being able to label this and to take steps to heal, with men…
    “Another layer of the onion unfolded for me, I am lovable, I am worthy, I matter…You are lovable, You are worthy, You matter, Y and I are the same and uniquely different. It is one thing for me to embrace the concept fully and to have a lived experience of it. I had the experience. I feel blessed, I felt Namiste… “

After A Taste of Tantra, Vancouver, Fall, 2001

  • “I liked the idea of respect and honouring that permeated the entire program.”
  • “Your skill as a group facilitator I would rate as ‘awesome,’ both verbal and in terms of your yogic knowledge base. I was also impressed by your clear focus and even energy level over so many hours. Thanks for that gift and for your generous spirit throughout.”
  • “I have been involved in many workshops over the years and find your workshops to be the most beneficial to me.”

After Tribal Tantra in New Mexico, September 18-23, 1999:

  • “[I enjoyed] incredible sense of ritual, brotherhood, and positive energy; also a strong sense of being looked after. I experienced several primal sensations as well . . . “
  • “[I learned] that there are real, open-hearted men in the world, accepting, non-judgemental and sincere, and that I too have these attributes.”
  • “I want to find a way to conjure up the sacred circle so I can maintain my re-found gentler, more loving/caring complete self.”
  • “[I enjoyed] meeting and being with men who share values and intentions, and generosity of spirit . . . the safety to try out engaging in some new ways, to take some risks. I really appreciate your skills to generate and maintain safety.”
  • “[I enjoyed] being in a group of loving men, with the permission to be as affectionate, as physical, with respect, with gentleness, as I wanted to be . . . I have a sense of deep peace, profound joy, at being myself. I have felt so accepted in body, soul, and spirit.”
  • “[I enjoyed the] conscious creation of a safe sacred vessel to contain all parts and all that happens. Also excellent mix of movement and stillness . . . In relationship, my intention is to bring more of myself into the process: surrender more, open my heart further, trust more, love more and know that I am loved.”
  • “I intend to take more time to explore and try to understand the intersection between my spirituality and my sexuality; also to search out and ask for more opportunities for non-sexual touch.”
  • “I brought to the week a lot of fears that melted as the days progressed…. really appreciate the container that was set and you men who provided the safety that made my week so enriching….”
  • “I’m still in awe of the events of this week and last. Somehow I feel I’ve grown up … I’m honored to have been in your midst this past week. I know that my life is richer for having met each of you … I still feel pre-verbal about much of what’s happening to me. I only know that we’re all being called upon in these times to do things that haven’t been done before…or at least not in the way we need to do them now. We learned so much this week about how to hold the contradictions of our time, how to walk with humility, how to listen to our hearts, how to communicate with others. Also, how to ask and hold questions, like: How can I be a whole person in relationship to another? To the world? To myself? What are the most effective leverage points for growth, for each of us and for society in this millennial time? How do we work and play with boundaries of all sorts?”

From earlier retreats:

  • “Men loving men–an old concept — you gave it totally new meaning. It feels so good . . . The care and sensitivity that you both conveyed was the biggest lesson. By ‘hands on’ exercises we experienced being cared for and caring about other men. ” Bill’87
  • “Incredible weekend! . . . showing my capacity to love.” CR ’95
  • “I haven’t felt so connected, loved, and listened to for quite some time.” MT ’95
  • “Hot tubs and moonlight . . . magical, unstructured, mystic . . . I am paying more attention to silence and my breathing.” TM ’95
  • “This validated me — caressed my spirit . . . Feel more connected to a supportive tribe.” TT ’95
  • “Very safe. I feel the men are almost brothers. Amazing sense of connectedness for such a short time.” PV ’90
  • “I’m more open — interact differently with strangers and friends . . . more willing to take risks.” BB ’95
  • “I had the opportunity to really pay attention to my feelings and act on what I was feeling in the moment. I was able to be more present with myself and what was happening around me . . . I also gained some perspective on where I am and what I’m doing with my life.” NM ’91
    “I felt safe touching and getting touched. As a caregiver, sometimes I don’t let myself get attention. I felt I had total permission to do whatever I wanted.” JA ’90
  • “It is not a ‘heavy’ program; one doesn’t have to spill one’s guts out or do profound psychological soul-searching to participate. It is fun, relaxing, positive, nurturing, and is a well-balanced combination of exercises, meditation, and relaxation.” JL ’91
  • “I became very centered during the weekend . . . I became empowered, and upon returning was able to effectively resolve some relationship problems with my partner.” RB ’95
  • “I saw more clearly the beautiful and wonderful things that make us men and give us our power . . . I know more about who I am and I am proud of my life!” JP ’90
  • “I feel so much joy in my life . . . Many tender remembrances and the tears so easily flow. I feel so much freer than I ever have . . . This was one of the most meaningful experiences in my life.” PW ’95
  • “Brotherhood is powerful, positive force in my life — it was joyful (and poignant too) sharing my love.” HG ’92
    “Men from such different lives have such common needs and desires . . . I [now] have a clear sense of how important quiet times and reflective time (meditation time?) are for a soul.” JF ’93
  • “The beauty of it all sometimes overwhelms me. We are all so the same when our barriers are down. We all fear, we are all nervous, half-ready to run, all full of desire, looking for depth. It is as if we just play out our different dramas until there is nothing left to play out — and then we finally just are. So there is something special — and maybe even unique — about a group of men who come together to release those barriers and find our commonality.” JA ’93
  • “Thanks for one of the best experiences of my life.” NP ’92
  • “I re-learned that I am a strong, luminous being, responsible for myself and my relationships with others . . . A lot of the weekend activities have slid effortlessly into my routines: breathing exercises, new stretches, meditation twice daily. Mostly though, the change is in outlook: I feel re-focused on my purpose, my needs, and the path I had almost forgotten I was on.” RD “91

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