• “Men In Touch: What’s it about?”

    An overview of what we do at Men In Touch events…and why.

    Please “Like” and share with friends of all genders. Everyone benefits when men learn to share caring touch with one another.

  • Sequoia and friends have created a free mini-course on YouTube called Sacred Touch Yoga. It’s for people of all ages, genders, and orientations to learn to share simple, non-sexual loving “sacred touch.” The trailer is here:

    And the full course can be accessed at  This course depicts some of the kinds of touch we share at Men In Touch events, so you can learn at home with friends. The principles taught here apply equally well to the more erotic touch we share in some of our events.

  • There is a brief clip from 2001 in which Sequoia and Kenyth share views on the importance of nurturing touch among men, both gay and straight. If you Like it, please share with friends:

  • There is also a link there to Joseph Kramer’s wonderful library of erotic massage educational videos for sale on his website. NewSchoolEroticMassage

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